Supplementing Secrets of UFC Athletes

While many top level MMA fighters are careful not to give away any supplement secrets, here are the six basic supplements that help them reach the highest level of the sport.

1. Creatine

This is good for fighters of all weight classes because most creatine gains are due to water retention, which can easily be lost when you lose weight for weight. Check this box as it helps build strength, explosive power and gives you more stamina. The icing on the cake is that it’s legal and might even give your everyday cognition an edge.

2. Protein

Wrestlers wouldn’t be anywhere without protein, regardless of whether they’re on a wrestling arena or not. Protein builds lean muscle and is essential for recovery – a must for MMA fighters whose training programs are arguably the most demanding of any athlete in the world.

3. Vitamin C

While more of a health supplement than a sports supplement, it has powerful immune-boosting properties and can also keep a fighter’s adrenaline glands in good shape. This vitamin can help protect against disease, while maximizing recovery and an adrenaline rush during combat.

4. CBD

Whether it’s after a fight or at the end of a tough week, MMA fighters often use CBD to help with recovery, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. CBD use is on the rise with fighters all over the world as it is in coffee shops, variety stores and elsewhere.

5. Amino acids

Amino acids are a low-calorie way to help repair muscle post-workout without adding unnecessary bulk and also lower cortisol.

6. Caffeine

You’ll usually find this in pre-workouts, which vary depending on the ingredients they contain, which is a danger for the best fighters in the world who regularly test themselves. Caffeine is a safe bet, as it improves energy levels and focus when used in moderation – old school but proven effective. But don’t consume too much caffeine, as it has been shown to impair performance.

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Security First

How do top MMA fighters know if their supplements are safe?

Third party certification.

The Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) is recognized as a leader in third-party certification by organizations such as the UFC, NBA, CrossFit, US Department of Defense, Operation Supplementary Security (OPSS ), Drug Free Sport, the Canadian Olympic Committee and others.

UFC athletes and many others trust BSCG to ensure that the supplements they choose are free of banned substances and meet quality expectations.

When shopping for supplements, look for the BSCG Certified Drug Free and BSCG Certified Quality seals. Both programs begin with an in-depth review of quality control, regulatory compliance, and verify that products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The BSCG Certified Drug Free program is the sports standard that provides industry-leading protection with every batch tested for over 500 banned substances and offers the best available protection for athletes, first responders, members of the military or other professionals subjected to stringent tests. of drugs. The program also requires verification of label claims and screening for environmental contaminants annually. The BSCG Certified Quality program provides annual testing for prohibited substances, label claims, and environmental contaminants and is designed for consumer and retailer protection.

The BSCG seals should fill you with the confident feeling that a supplement does what it says on the label and is not contaminated with substances banned in sport or other potential drug contaminants.

Third party certification is essential for elite athletes and is also available to protect you.

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