Cycling Supplement Stacks That Eat Hillsides for Breakfast

Cycling and supplements go together like quads and zilla.

Professionally, it’s a sport where you’re in the saddle for hours, competing for your slice of the wake, so any pedaling assistance in the form of supplements is always welcome.

On a recreational level, while cycling may be the sport of choice for the suburban MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra), it still offers an opportunity to be competitive, especially if you don’t want to be the last to finish. coffee when the rest of the cycling group has finished their lattes.

How can you keep the package?

While lunges, pasta bowls, and foam rollers will get you halfway, shims are a valuable weapon in any rider’s engine room.

While cycling and supplements may have a somewhat sussy relationship, when celebrity cheating is left out, the average athlete needs to focus more on giving their body the best.

These are cycling supplement playbooks worth following:

  1. Use the 4:1 rule

Endurance athletes should stick to a 4:1 carb to protein ratio to fuel and replenish their bodies after a grueling workout.

This ratio has been proven to provide your muscles with the fuel they need to keep pedaling and repair the damage caused.

  1. Lateral – I pass the Cramps

Cramps can feel like your calves have taken an aggressive screenshot and flexed into place, but we’re not sure exactly what causes them, so bolster all your defenses.

Try supplements like electrolytes, B vitamins, and magnesium, as these can offer relief, but don’t forget about squatting, either, because it has an oddly good track record for fighting cramps.

All of the above are great recovery aids anyway, so you’ll be oiling the chain for your performance to improve.

  1. fuel on the go
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If you want instant energy on the go, cycling has your back with a selection of gels, bars and drinks that can recharge your energy super fast.

For best results, look for products that contain multiple sources of energy so the boost isn’t easy to get and go and is more geared towards sustained release helping you get through the last part of your journey.

  1. always look for quality

Cycling supplements are different from other sports because you often need to take a large amount of them, so never skimp on quality.

How can you know?

Choose supplements that use a company like Banned Substance Control Group, which offers third-party testing for supplements that can boast their BSCG Certified Quality™ and BSCG Certified GMP™ seals.

The above seal verifies that the identity of a supplement’s ingredients and label claims meet specifications, as well as verification for heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents.

Latest on-site audits to verify that manufacturers comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). These stamps should fill you with a sense of confidence.

  1. Get a pre-trip insurance policy

While you may think that cycling is good for lung health, research found that a large number of endurance athletes often contract respiratory infections.

Stock up on recovery aids to take after your rides such as colostrum protein, zinc and vitamin C, D to make sure your body is getting all the raw materials it needs to be ready for tomorrow’s ride, not only nutritionally but also as immune support. .

Follow these simple steps when shopping for your supplements and soon you’ll find yourself wearing the yellow jersey for your Sunday ride.

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